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Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich

Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich
Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich

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December, 2019

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Meet at 8:00 a.m. this Sunday at the Poplar Creek Trail in Hoffman Estates at the Barrington Road Pond entrance.
(Please note that this is a different location than we have met at in the past.)

There is a real bathroom there (hopefully it‘s still open). The main trail (red on the map) is an 8.8-mile loop, so you can‘t get lost as long as you stay on the red trail. Of course you can do more or less miles as needed. It‘s paved and slightly hilly, but nothing extreme. There are a couple of porta-potties on the route, unless they put them away for the winter.

I don‘t have an exact address for your GPS, but if you put in Barrington Road Pond Picnic Grove, Hoffman Estates, it comes up in Google Maps. It is on the west side of Barrington Road just south of Higgins Road. Here‘s a link to the forest preserve map:
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Our next trail stop on Sunday, December 8 at 8:00 a.m. will be Moriane Hills State Park in McHenry. Please use the instructions below from Beth Onines as to where to meet. Note that the park doesn‘t open until 8:00 a.m., so if you get there early, the gate to the entrance will probably be closed still.

From Route 176 in Island Lake go north on River Rd. for about 2 miles then go left on Dam Rd. until you get to the McHenry River Dam. Take a left in the parking lot until you get to the end. You will see the entrance into the trail at the very end of the parking lot. When you are on the trails, just stay to your right to make the full loop. When you see signs on your left and a path on your right, those are only the entrances to the path from the other parking lots that are part of the Morraine Hills Forest Preserve. You start at the yellow trail then stay to the right which will take you to the underpass into the other trails.

When we ran this course last fall, we followed the whole perimeter of the park (staying to the right like Beth described) and ended up with about 8.5 miles. It was a little hilly, and the trail isn‘t paved, but seems to drain well and hasn‘t been muddy when we‘ve run there in the past.
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