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Favorite Foods and Overcoming Obstacles
By Mary Hunt
Posted on 7/31/2020 8:10 PM


  • Pre-run I have coffee and oatmeal or a bagel, usually a minimum of 2 hours before I start the run. Others discussed carb heavy foods like sweet potatoes and pasta. We discussed the use of gels during runs.
  • For a big run or race the day before, I like pasta and sushi rolls (I am careful about fish because I had food poisoning because of it). I know I do not need to eat a large meal the night before, but I still do. Breakfast is a banana, 2 oz of protein and a piece of bread or half a bagel.
  • Burger, fries, and coke or breakfast a couple of hours after the run.
  • I eat normal portions and stop when getting full. But I am hungry every 2-3 hours.
  • Always celebrate with Oberweiss turtle sundae.... Alice starting around mile 5 for long runs. After a long run ANYTHING goes ha-ha.
  • SUSAIN BOLT: Night before- it is all about the pizza! Gu and sport beans during (anything over 10k). I love the Gu birthday cake flavor. Afterwards- anything goes!!!
  • DEMETER: For races: I am a superstitious creature of habit. Always have angel hair pasta the night before. On race morning I have peanut butter and banana on Dave’s Killer Bread. I run any race 10K+ with Gu and Gatorade chews on my person. I usually take a salt tablet the night before and on race morning. If it is hot or a real long run, I keep them on my person. Afterwards... I eat whatever I want! And drink mimosas or margaritas. Hahaha
  • NIKOSTRONG: For long runs, I will take Picky Oats Can't BEET Chocolate Oatmeal before a long run...... I will have a pasta meal the night before and will prepare Electrolyte Pills when the long run is more than 70 degrees. I will train with the drink of the next upcoming marathon.
  • Our pre-race foods include bagel (some with peanut butter and some plain), banana, coffee, energy bar, and frozen waffles.
  • Post-race treats varied extremely including Popeye's chicken, McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, Coke, Califia cold brew coffee almond milk, and Silk chocolate almond/cashew milk (two vegans on the team!).
  • Sex on the Beach: Pre run: bagel and a banana Post run: everything in sight!
  • Pina Colada: Pre-run: Do not eat anything before unless its 12 miles than a peanut butter sandwich. Post-run: Doritos, McDonalds you know the healthy kind.
  • The Hummer Cocktail: Pre-run- Do not eat anything unless its 10 miler than toast with peanut butter and banana.
  • Bahama Mama: Pre-run- I do not eat anything. Post run: protein shake
  • Tequila Sunrise: Pre run: PB toast 2 bananas. Post run: McDonald’s chocolate milk
  • Rum Runner: Pre run: nothing but coffee. Post: free for all
  • The angels had a lot to say about food this week. Here are some responses towards pre-run and post-run foods:

    Pre-run I have coffee and oatmeal or a bagel, usually a minimum of 2 hours before I start the run. Others discussed carb heavy foods like sweet potatoes and pasta. We discussed the use of gels during runs, typically starting around mile 5 for long runs. After a long run ANYTHING goes ha-ha.


  • Dream Team's running obstacles include work, lack of daylight (in the winter), and the current lack of a structured day.
  • Sometimes I just do not think I have " time". I need to clean, or do stuff for work, laundry, whatever. But if I force myself and tell myself laundry can wait it will get done, and run I find I feel 8,000,000 Times better..... Kathy
  • I have been running for 30 years and am just trying to stay healthy. I do not run as far, as fast, or as often but I am still running. The Run/Walk Streak and Liberty Team Challenge have motivated me to run every day. I hope to keep it up or at least run more often after they are over. Pat
  • Running is my preferred cardio exercise for a long time. I usually get 3 runs in per week (especially the weekend long run). I am motivated with running with friends when it is going to be tough (i.e. bad weather). Since I have to scale back my running, it is more important to run during the week to keep up on Saturdays. I am not disciplined enough to run a preset time during the day, but it gets done. I do it because it really quiets the chatter in my mind like I took a pill that calms me down and I can focus for the next 48 hours.... Alice
  • I know this sounds cliché, but mine is work and the lack of a consistent schedule .Every day and week are different based on any events we have going on. It makes it hard to get in a routine and stick to it. Sometimes I just have to suck it up and go for a run at 10 or 11 at night after a long shift just to try to stay in some sort of routine.... Adams
  • Rod – Iron Man- Injuries and hangovers are my 2 biggest obstacles. I roll before running to help prevent injuries. Hard to prevent the hangovers sometimes!
  • Susan – Scarlet Witch Biggest obstacles for me are work and heat. It is hard to go running when you have already taken 10000 steps and worked 10 hours. Texas heat just sucks some days. I tell myself 1 mile or one loop around the retention pond. If it is too hot, I walk. The Alpine Challenge makes me committed to at least one mile. It is cooler to run/walk outside than the treadmill.
  • Mary – Wasp- For me it used to be my job, then my job and my family, now life is still busy, but it is the motivation factor. In my "mind”, I love to run and think I am motivated but somehow let myself get sidetracked too often. I absolutely need to commit to things like this, the running the virus relay and meeting friends or I am toast!
    • PS. Rod I do not seem to have problem running after drinking...what kind of a hangover are we talking....
  • Aislinn – Black Widow- My biggest obstacles are work & weather, as I work with horses the weather can be challenging. After a day of being in the elements with large opinionated animals I have a hard time finding the strength to put on my shoes for a run. I try to put my runs on my schedule at the beginning of the week looking at temps and hours so it's easier not to make excuses plus having alpine friends text me makes it easier, when the kids and husband to throw a spanner in the works 🤨
  • Dave - Captain America -I now have the time to run but my level strength stops me from lacing up. Inertia/procrastination is the biggest obstacle for me now. In the past when I was more vital and stronger, injuries stopped me then. And like all of you younger runners, commitments to work, family, other interests got in the way. Now I n my mind I am always up for a run but sometimes the body is weak. But the biggest elixir to obstacles are you guys. Friends who make me commit to meeting them. If I committed to meet someone banged up or not, I will show up. That is why the club is so important for new runners.
  • Stacey – Captain Marvel The biggest challenge for me now is time. I have to go so early in the morning to be back before my husband starts work and the kids get up. Easier in the summer then the dark winter. Luckily, I am a morning person and prefer cold weather runs, but then I go to bed when the kids do. Work is busy and stressful but when I do not run, I have a harder time concentrating. Running is my natural caffeine. I have also had plantar fasciitis for nearly 4 years. It is manageable but I wonder if I will ever be able to stand up from sitting without my feet hurting.
  • Sex on the beach: Time. This has been a great accountability for me to be better with my time management.
  • The Hummer Cocktail: Consistency. I throw myself into it and then I start to miss a week and feel like I am starting over.
  • Tequila Sunrise: If I do not have a plan to follow.
  • Rum Runner: Keeping my body healthy and able to run. I struggle with finding the balance of speed and distance with injury. I do ok but then when an injury comes, I get discouraged.
  • Pina Colada: Not running with a group. Getting out there. Then pushing myself to run. Running with a group keeps me pushing. Liberty run has forced me to get out and run.