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Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich

Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich
Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich
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Alpine Circuit

About the Alpine Circuit

The Alpine Circuit was designed to target and promote participation in races that are both well done and fun to do. The circuit should also bring recognition to the club and enjoyment for the club’s membership in a competitive atmosphere. The circuit will be open to club members only. The circuit will begin January 1 and end December 31. Awards will be given at a designated announced date. This year we will be following the CARA Runners' Choice Circuit.

Alpine Circuit Rules

Points will be awarded in the following manner. Points may be received from one of the following categories:

  • Showing up at an Alpine Circuit Race to show support - 1 point
  • Running in an Alpine Circuit Race - 2 points
  • Volunteering at a Alpine Circuit Race in which Alpine Runners recruits volunteers - 2 points
  • Setting a yearly personal record at that distance in an Alpine Circuit Race - 3 points
  • Placing first, second or third overall or in your age division if the race awards those positions. For members of a team to earn Circuit points, all members of the team must be Alpine Runners - 4 points

Additionally, one bonus point will be awarded for wearing official Alpine Runners clothing during the race. To receive this point, the logo must be visible during the race.

The Alpine Circuit will consist of fifteen races. Only the top ten performances will count for accumulated points. The fifteen races will be decided by a simple majority vote of the general membership.

Awards will be given to the top three men and top three women finishers in the Circuit.

To avoid ties, the following will be used as tie breakers:

  • 1st Tie Breaker – Total gross points from all circuit races.
  • 2nd Tie Breaker – Least races with most gross points.
  • 3rd Tie Breaker – Best 10k time in the Circuit that year. 

2019 Alpine Circuit

  • Download the Circuit Leaderboard here.
  • Race info provided by CARA. Please email us any corrections.

View a list of the CARA Runner's Choice Circuit Races HERE.